Product finishing


The advantage of our company is that the entire production process is carried out in one place, under our roof, which enables us to have complete control over product quality and delivery. In addition to our advanced printing equipment, we have at our disposal a large number of graphic finishing machines, which give the finished product a special final touch.

Topla plastifikacija

Paper lamination

hot roll matt, glossy, soft-touch, anti-scratch maximum size B2
UV Lak

UV varnish

spot UV varnish, 3D varnish glitter varnish maximum size B2
Suvi žig i folijatisak

Hot-stamp and foil-stamp

suitable for thermo reactive materials gold-foil, silver-foil and holographic foil maximum size B2


various shapes and positioning creasing and perforation
V-Cut Groviranje

V-cut grooving

grey board processing angle of 90 and 120 degrees


stitching with metal wire suitable for stapled notebooks, brochures, magazines, etc.
Spiralni povez

Spiral bound

using double wire-O spiral different wire colors and sizes available suitable for binding calendars, notepads, etc.
Spiralni povez

Elastic band closure

applicable for notepads and diaries extra pen-loop addition different widths and colors available
Zaobljavanje ćoskova

Corner rounding

of hard covers made of grey board rounding 8 mm radius
Savijanje tabaka

Paper folding

in 3 folds maximum size B1
Šivenje knjižnog bloka

Book block sewing

minimum size 120x80 mm maximum size 385x320 mm

Book block gluing

minimum size 135x80 mm maximum size 380x310 mm
Izrada korica od lepenke

Hard cover making

coating the grey board using the hot melt glue gluing with different covering materials
Kapital i pokazna traka

Head & Tail band and Bookmarks

various widths and colors
Zaobljavanje rikne

Book spine rounding


Case binding for hardcover books

minimum size 90x100 mm maximum size 353x250 mm